Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This fall's tour of NYPL SIBL

You probably already know that the New York Public Library system has a research library devoted to Science Industry and Business. But did you know:

  • That NYPL SIBL has dozens and dozens of computer stations and laptop docking stations, as well as wireless throughout its facilities?
  • That the current site of SIBL is the former site of the former site of the huge B. Altman department store, a New York City institution in the late 19th and early 20th Century?
  • That SIBL has classrooms and conference rooms that have been used by 70,000 students in workshops, trainings, programs, and classes that are held nearly every day?
  • That SIBL is a first-rate resource for small business people and entrepreneurs of all sorts?
  • That SIBL has small collection of circulating popular books on its ground level?
  • That SIBL has become NYPL’s job search headquarters, offering free career coaching on weekdays?
  • That SIBL is a technologically modern and forward-looking library that just happens to still use pneumatic tubes to page books from the closed stacks?

Neither did I until I dropped in on the Librarians’ Meetup tour of SIBL this fall. It was the first time I had joined the group and I can definitely recommend Librarians' Meetup tour events. They are a great opportunity to get an insider's view of many interesting libraries in the New York City area. And what better way to meet new colleagues and reconnect with fellow information professionals, librarians, and library school students?

Heather Halliday, member NYLM

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Heather! Remember, folks, every voice for library advocacy is a voice for humanity!