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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Stand Up for the Branches

to our patrons’ years of hard work and advocacy, Mayor de Blasio has
proposed a budget that maintains funding levels for Brooklyn Public
Library (BPL)—sparing a devastating cut.

However, after years of budget cuts, the city’s three library
systems need $65 million more in public funding to provide more hours,
more programs and more vital resources to New Yorkers.

Now is the time to build the library system that Brooklyn truly deserves.

We have a historic opportunity to ask the City for increased funding to
allow all BPL branches to stay open six days a week, provide more
collections and programs and improve our facilities. But we need your

Here’s how you can Stand Up for the Branches:

» Write to your elected officials to ask for increased funding and share what BPL means to you

» Stay on top of the latest BPL news through Facebook, Twitter and eNews, and share with your friends

» Make a gift to your neighborhood library through our Support the Branches campaign

Thank you for standing up for BPL and making a statement that our libraries are essential to Brooklyn.

Support all NYC libraries.

Visit to learn about all three library

systems in the City and the vital role they all play.

10 Grand Army Plaza | Brooklyn, NY 11238 US
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

How ‘Google it’ could be redefined in the smartphone era

How ‘Google it’ could be redefined in the smartphone era

We may increasingly Google things without typing at all. (Alan Diaz/AP)
Here’s a look at five ideas that could impact the way we live, work and play.

1. Context as the new search. Here’s a remarkable stat
— the average Android smartphone user searches the Web only 1.25 times a
day from a Web browser. The future of finding information — or Googling
— on smartphones may be a lot different than the traditional Web
searches we conduct on PCs and laptops. This can happen thanks to the
contextual data smartphones know about us, as Quartz explains: 

In contrast to the paltry number of times users of Everything.Me are
searching the Web each day, they’re engaging in context-based
interactions with their customized home screens dozens of times a day.


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