Thursday, May 8, 2014

How ‘Google it’ could be redefined in the smartphone era

How ‘Google it’ could be redefined in the smartphone era

We may increasingly Google things without typing at all. (Alan Diaz/AP)
Here’s a look at five ideas that could impact the way we live, work and play.

1. Context as the new search. Here’s a remarkable stat
— the average Android smartphone user searches the Web only 1.25 times a
day from a Web browser. The future of finding information — or Googling
— on smartphones may be a lot different than the traditional Web
searches we conduct on PCs and laptops. This can happen thanks to the
contextual data smartphones know about us, as Quartz explains: 

In contrast to the paltry number of times users of Everything.Me are
searching the Web each day, they’re engaging in context-based
interactions with their customized home screens dozens of times a day.


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