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Summer Study Programs for Info Pros & Library Students

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I have learned over the years about the following programs by serendipity and have found that generally they are not particularly well known among special librarians. Despite the fact that times are challenging economically, I thought it might be helpful to compile information about these programs in one email, as they may be of interest to some of our SLA-NY members, both professionals and students. The two programs sponsored by UNC do offer library school credit for one course to students from all library schools .

The University of North Carolina School of Information and Library Science (SILS) has sponsored for a number of years two summer study abroad programs, one in England and one in the Czech Republic. The London Seminar is in conjunction with the Department of Information Studies, University College London. The Prague Seminar is in cooperation with Charles University there. Each program is two weeks long and is open to both students and professionals. Students taking either of the Seminars pay an extra fee if they want credit and write a paper (ca 15-20 pages) about some aspect of the seminar. The course credit should be good at any library school.

· The London Seminar, entitled "British Libraries and Librarianship: Past, Present and Future," from May 16th - 29th, 2010, is already full for the summer of 2010, but is accepting applications for the waiting list. Anyone who is interested might want to keep an eye on the website early in 2011. This Seminar is new and replaces one that SILS held in conjunction with Oxford University for many years.

· The Prague Seminar, entitled "Libraries and Librarianship in the Czech Republic," is from May 23 - June 5, 2010, and still has openings.

Rare Book School (RBS), located at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, offers a wide variety of one-week summer courses in Charlottesville in June and July 2010. Continuing-education opportunities are available for professionals and students from many disciplines and levels to study the history and preservation of written, printed, and digital materials with leading scholars and professionals in the field. RBS was founded (in 1983) and directed for many years by Terry Belanger, a professor at the former Columbia University School of Library Service. RBS moved to its present home at the University of Virginia in 1992. Terry was honored in 2005 as a MacArthur fellow (AKA "MacArthur Genius Award") for his efforts to preserve one of the great inventions of humankind: the book. Recently retired, Terry still teaches at RBS.

The London Rare Book School, which is part of the Institute of English Studies in the University of London, offers one-week courses in two sessions: June 28 - July 2 or July 5 - 9.

For more information, please check the websites. If you have any questions, I am happy to try to answer.

Thanks and best, Leigh Hallingby
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