Thursday, April 21, 2011

Library Nightmare: How would YOU handle this?

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  1. Since identity theft is so prevalent, it's important to underscore that both libraries and library staff are committed to protecting users' personal information. At times, library cards are acquired through fraudulent means. At others, patrons simply share a common name. In that case, simple disambiguation (e.g. adding a middle name or initial) is all that is required. In addition, why not consider the following measures:

    *Have sufficient information available to users on your website, perhaps under FAQs, but also someplace prevalent.

    *Avoid approaching the confrontation as an altercation. Try instead to communicate and instruct. Losing users is not desirable because the library's reputation as well as its public standing and funding is.

    *Provide information (print or electronic) on checking credit scores, preventing ID theft, and improving library services through responsible lending and borrowing protocols should help alleviate Kafkaesque scenarios.

    *Encourage patrons to submit their complaint in writing. This will give both sides time to think and respond. Having an e-trail will facilitate documentation of problems that often become both emotional as well as complex.