Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Authors: Morley Winograd and
Michael D. Hais
Publication Date: September 2011
Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 978-0-8135-5150-0

Millennial Momentum describes how the Millennial Generation is changing  the way the United States lives and learns, votes and governs, works and plays.

About every eight decades, coincident with the most stressful and perilous events in U.S. history — the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the Great Depression and World War II — a new, positive, accomplished, and group-oriented "civic generation" emerges to change the course of history and remake America. The Millennial Generation (born 1982-2003) is America's newest civic generation.

From the authors of Mlllennial Makeover —
one of the New York Times 10-Favorite Books of
2008 — comes an inspiring glimpse into our nation's future.  Read more...

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