Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Want You to Quit Your Internship… Now!

We Want You to Quit Your Internship… Now!

You heard me correctly. I want you to quit. Write up a resignation letter… Pack your cubicle into a box… Say “Adios, jefe!” to the boss.

Quit. Right. Now.

Yes, we realize this is a controversial statement for YouTern to make… so let’s be clear:
I am not recommending you just bail when your internship gets hard… or it’s “boring”, or you’d rather be at the beach with friends. You signed onto your internship in good faith. And it’s not entirely up to your boss to give you a great internship. You have to put in some work to get what you want – and expect – out of the experience.

I’m speaking specifically to interns who are in bad internships; the internships where your boss doesn’t “get it”… where she really does have you making coffee and copies (believe us, those laughable internships still exist). I’m talking to the interns who, despite real effort, honestly can’t find anyone to take the time to mentor them. I’m telling you to stand up for yourselfget mad as hell – and be free from an internship where you’re viewed as “just an intern”.

At YouTern, we firmly believe that in any internship, whether ideal or perhaps not as advertised, your first and best option should be to “build your own internship.” But there will be times when, even though you’ve exhausted all your options, the internship is just a bad fit. In that case it may be best to cut your losses and leave – if you do it the right way.
And there’s always a right way…
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