Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Research Like a Librarian: Using "Big6 Skills" for Better Grades! | The New York Public Library

PSSSTT! Let me let you in on a little librarian research secret: finding information at branches and online isn't hard (anyone can do it). In fact, in this digital age of big databases, Google and Wikipedia we are on information overload. We are surrounded by too much information actually. So how do librarians research? What do we know that you don't?

Well, we know how to evaluate information, dissect it, analyze it, reassemble it and put it to use effectively. One way to do this is through the "Big6 Skills"—a research and problem solving process, which was developed by two educators as a way to teach information and technology skills. I learned them while getting my Masters in Library Science and they BLEW MY MIND! Suddenly researching and organizing information for a paper or essay was a breeze. If only I'd learned them when I was in high school or middle school my life would've been totally different. I might've been Hillary Clinton or Simon Cowell. Read more...
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