Thursday, February 13, 2014

It’s Time to Act | American Libraries Magazine

African-American college student studying at the Texas Woman’s University Library
Often statistics tell a story that spurs us to action. Consider:

  • Only 13% of African-American male 4th graders and 11% of
    African-American male 8th graders scored at or above proficient on
    national reading tests;
  • Barely half of all African-American males graduate from high school, and only 5% go to college;
  • Black male teens are eight times more likely to die from homicide than white male teens;
  • African-American males make up only 14% of the US population but nearly 40% of prison inmates;
  • Despite research that links quality school library programs to
    increased student achievement, many African-American youth live in
    communities where school libraries are underfunded, collections are out
    of date, and full-time librarians are scarce. Read more....
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