Wednesday, August 27, 2014

6 Ways To Become a Power User of the Public Library - BOOK RIOT

You have a library card and you know the library is more than just a “Netflix for books.”
Maybe you know about your library’s ebook offerings and maybe you know
you can borrow audiobooks or DVDs. But how can you make the absolute
most out of your local library? Here are 6 tips for becoming a power
user of the public library.

Worth noting: not all public libraries offer the same
services, so not everything mentioned here will be available to all
users. Some libraries offer more and some may offer less. These
variations exist because of funding differences, library size, location,
and a host of other factors, most of which are out of control of the
library itself. The one common denominator among these tips, though, is
that they’re all things you can ask about at your library.

Likewise, this is geared toward the American public library system, so your mileage in other countries may vary.

BLD0085361. Get to the top of the holds list for hot titles

Did you know many libraries order books well in advance of their
publication date? Librarians are knowledgable about what’s coming out,
and they often put in purchase orders for titles weeks, if not
months, before publication. This is especially true for books that are
garnering buzz or are new titles by popular authors.

Many times, those titles appear in the library catalog not long after
the order is placed. Even if the book isn’t on shelf, when the library
has ordered a title and it shows up in the catalog, chances are good you
can put a hold on it.

Say you’re reading our 5 To Watch For
feature and you see a title coming out at the end of the month that
looks great. Go to your library’s catalog and see if you can put a hold
on it. If you can’t do the hold from home, call the library and try
to do it over the phone. This’ll get you ahead of the game, and you’ll
be one of the first people to read the book, likely not long after it
releases. 

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