Friday, December 5, 2014

Why a town librarian has spent 102 days standing in front of Ferguson’s police department | Toronto Star

Angelique Kidd, 41, of Ferguson, is among most dedicated of protesters awaiting the verdict in the killing of black teen Michael Brown. The mother of two has been on the streets opposite the Ferguson Police Department nearly daily for the past 102 days, demanding change.
FERGUSON, MO.—She’s a mom, a librarian, a U.S. army vet, just like her dad. She belongs to a Ferguson book club that hasn’t met since police bullets felled Michael Brown in August.
Her 9-year-old daughter’s on the Ferguson swim team. Her husband, who builds in-ground pools for a living, is president of their neighbourhood community association. Together, they launched two local community gardens. This is home. They’re dug in, here for the long haul.
With a bio like that, Angelique Kidd, 41, admits she’s just about the last person you might expect to find on the picket line, standing vigil day in and day out for the past 102 days opposite the Ferguson Police Department, demanding change.

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