Thursday, March 26, 2015

 A master's in librarianship could enhance your shelf life | Education | The Guardian

A master’s librarianship course will arm you with a number of
transferable skills. Photograph: West Coast Surfer/Getty Images/Fuse

If you think that people in Britain want to achieve fame and fortune
by treading the boards or having a number-one hit single then think
again. A recent survey from YouGov found that 54% of people would like to be librarians.

Of course, part of the attraction is spending time with all the books
your heart could possibly desire – but there’s a lot more to it than

Biddy Casselden, who completed her own master’s in librarianship and
information management at Northumbria University, and has since both
taught on and led the programme, says it is important for career
progression. “Most of my students are working, usually in a library
environment, but are stuck at a certain level because they don’t have a
professional qualification,” she says. “This is their route for career
advancement.”

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