Monday, April 20, 2015

In This Digital Age, Book Collecting Is Still Going Strong - WSJ

Peter Miller’s Freebird Books in Brooklyn, N.Y., focuses on used and rare books about New York.
  Photo: Jonathan Cramer 
Digital disruption notwithstanding, book collecting appears to be
alive and well, sustained in part by the very same people who are
driving adoption of smartphones, tablets, e-readers and the like.

Take JT Bachman,
a 28-year-old architect with Rockwell Group in New York. He gets his
news from digital sources but prefers printed material when reading for
pleasure and says he has become a recent convert to book collecting. Mr.
Bachman says he has about 100 new, used and out-of-print titles on his
shelves, including the architectural tome “Herzog & de Meuron:
Natural History” by Pierre de Meuron and Jacques Herzog, and plans on
buying more.

“I started collecting books because it is a way to catalog time,” Mr. Bachman says. “I want to keep them for the longer term.” Read more....

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