Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Local public library going to shit? Some people are starting their own | Grist

Libraries, guys. I love ’em. They provide a community gathering space and, of course, the best-ever entertainment —
all for free. In some cities, though, public libraries are crumbling
from financial woes, overcrowding, and architectural damage. So a
few New Yorkers are starting libraries their own.

Here’s a little background on NYC’s public library system: More
people visit New York City’s libraries than all of the city’s major
sports games, zoos, museums, and performing arts combined, according to the New York Times.
Despite their popularity, they are underfunded, and as a result,
structures are crumbling, demand is high, space is tight, and they don’t
have the budget to cater to all of their visitors’ needs, according to a
statement from a group of NYC libraries. Here’s Vice with more: Read more....

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