Friday, August 14, 2009

Networking at Cosi

Following the group's tour of the Strand Bookstore, meetup group members gathered inside the eatery Cosi on the corner of 13th Street and Broadway for a networking session. Cosi Restaurant is a wonderfully sophisticated sandwich bar with delicious food at reasonable prices. The restaurant's cozy atmosphere lent itself well to the initiation of fun and intelligent conversation between meetup group members. As group members participated in friendly exchange with one another, their nodding heads and bright smiles gave clear indication that they were enjoying themselves.

Organizer, Stephanie L. Gross was warm, welcoming and provided group members with an abundance of information relating to library and information services. For example, she spoke about various library organizations, associations and clubs like ALA, SLA, The New York Library Club, Inc. and Beta Phi Mu. Additionally, Stephanie spoke about the importance of library advocacy, developments in information technology, and online job networking sites like LinkedIn.

Part II of the NY Librarians August Meetup at Cosi provided group members with an excellent and unique networking experience. It was a pleasure meeting with and learning about people from all different backgrounds in the field of librarianship.

Ardleapat, Member NYLM

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