Monday, August 17, 2009

The Library Of Taybas Western Academy By: Nilda Pilar S. Montecillo

The school is an 80-year old institution located about 112 kms south of Manila in the town of Candelaria, Quezon Province. The enrollment is about 1,900 from elementary to college. More than 1,600 are high school students. Classroom size is 40 to 45 students. Enrollees are mostly from middle to lower middle class families and in the context of less developed country, maybe 30% of the gross family income goes into education.

The library itself is the size of four classrooms equipped with two computers with internet connection and a xerox machine. Not much to go with in terms of hardware but by Philippine standards, sufficient for real basic education. Two library custodians man the fort along with a library helper. The range of our library collection is mostly geared on the subjects offered in the school which is pretty normal. The advent of internet research helped those more adventurous students to explore beyond the walls of the library but we do lack off-the-shelf DVD and CD educational programs.

There is not much to crow about our library. But this corner of the school is a mute witness to the thousands of students who began dreaming about their future lives in some hallowed nook of this library.

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