Thursday, November 15, 2012

Act Like a Business Owner to Advance Your Career | CAREEREALISM

Act Like a Business Owner to Advance Your Career | CAREEREALISM

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 Whether you work for a global corporation, a small business, or for yourself, it is absolutely essential you THINK and ACT like an “owner” — “own” your job, own your role as a leader or manager, own your roles and responsibilities — put yourself in the shoes of a business owner, and think and behave as any owner would do.
This is not new career advice; many of us have heard this before, and many of us have probably given this advice to others. But what does it actually MEAN to think and act like a business owner?
Standing in the shoes of a business owner is a mind-set shift and in my opinion includes fully embracing the following as part of HOW you DO your job and how you THINK about your job:

1. Show Passion and Enthusiasm

Both your head and your heart need to be “in the game.” Your clients and customers need to see and “feel” your enthusiasm for what you do. Your colleagues, team mates and direct reports need to sense your passion for what you do. Passion and enthusiasm are the fuel for the energy that flows into your job. Others are drawn to you and inspired by you in direct correlation to level of sincere passion and enthusiasm you exhibit.
Think about it, can any business survive, long-term, if the owner is NOT truly passionate and enthusiastic about what he or she does? Read more.
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