Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Christian Zabriskie: Libraries in New York City: Why We Give a Damn and Why You Should Too

Libraries and librarians play unique roles in the cultural fabric of New York City.

We are, in our small neighborhood libraries, a kind of secular clergy, a trusted ear and an unbiased source of information and support to anyone who walks in the door. This is the compact we have at the deeper levels of our engagement with our communities past the bestsellers and free internet. There is a web of trust. Our users know, or should know, that they can come to us with issues and concerns and that we will leverage our best abilities to their ends. No matter what crazy crap is going on in your life the librarian will figure it out and set you up with at least some better understanding and a direction to go in.

If this all sounds a lot like hyperbole to you then you are probably middle class, college educated, and white. Read more...
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