Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting the Most Out of an Internship - 05-01-2013 : METRO article contact: Davis Erin Anderson articles for METRO in New York, NY US METRO

Getting the Most Out of an Internship

Professional experience is necessary to secure a job and have a continuing, successful career. Students and new graduates have a well-known challenge: to get experience without a job, and to get a job without experience. Volunteering is one way to gain such experience; interning is another.


What an Internship Is and Isn’t 

While many readers are already familiar with the term “internship,” it makes sense to discuss briefly what an internship actually is (and isn’t). An internship (sometimes also known as “experiential education,” “experiential learning," or “field experience”) is supervised professional training in a workplace setting. It is most often done by students in a formal program for credit towards a degree; some LIS Master’s degree programs require an internship. There are some internship opportunities for those who have already graduated, although they may require more effort to find.
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