Thursday, July 24, 2014

The SLA New York Conference & Expo | SLA NY: The New York Chapter

The SLA New York Conference & Expo

The SLA New York Conference & Expo Registration is now open!

SLA New York is pleased to announce its inaugural Conference &
Expo, which will take place on Thursday, September 18th at Baruch’s
Vertical Campus. Our goal is to have an annual event where members and
non-members in the NY Metropolitan area have both an opportunity to
focus on the trends and technology that impact information professionals
as well as a vehicle for intensive professional development.   This
year we invite you to “Invest In Yourself” with a day packed with
learning about “New Tools and Techniques” applied in the areas of social
media and training and development. The tone for the day will be set by
SLA President-Elect, Jill Strand, whose keynote will issue the charge
for us to “Be Revolutionary: Taking It to the Next Level with Our
Profession & Association”.

Jill will show us how the information profession has evolved in
recent years, from inward looking technical experts to outward looking
client-centric enablers. She will trace this evolution across findings
from the recent surveys and reports from the International Federation of
Library Associations (IFLA), and partner studies from  SLA and the
Financial Times as well as special libraries associations in Australia.
In doing so she’ll identify the unique skill sets that librarians and
knowledge professionals bring to their organizations and how SLA can
help them to showcase that value to internal and external decision

Takeaways for information professionals at all career stages will include:

  • An understanding of industry trends and key competencies needed to succeed
  • High-level and compelling articulation of our unique skill sets
  • An actionable framework for the information function in any organization
  • Strategic & proactive thinking about value we offer today
  • How SLA can be an important part of your professional toolkit; a “sandbox” for learning and career growth.
In her role as Director of Knowledge Management at Maslon Edelman
Borman and Brand LLP, a leading commercial law and litigation firm in
Minneapolis , Jill has experienced firsthand the demands for not only
increased technical skills but the need to understand and apply
information tools and technologies so that they enable collaborative
relationships and knowledge sharing across the organization. And like
the rest of us, Jill is no stranger to the need to solidify our position
as the best solution to our organization’s strategic knowledge and
decision-making needs. These professional experiences as well as her
high level participation in SLA have enabled Jill to “reinvision” the
role of the information professional against the backdrop of a society
where information literacy skills will be prized; formal and informal
learning resources will abound; and privacy and big data need to

These are exciting developments for the profession and, in short,
Jill will expose us to some of the new business models evolving as a
result as well as provide a broad overview of the professional,
personal, and core competencies needed today based on highlights from
recent SLA and IFLA surveys and studies.

We hope that you will join us at the SLA New York Conference and Expo
to hear Jill Strand first hand as she takes the reins of SLA
leadership, as well as other top experts in social media and
professional development.

Registration is now open.

More Conference & Expo news, plus the entire schedule, here.

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