Monday, January 12, 2015

Charlie Hebdo | R. David Lankes

This morning in a Tweet Bredebieb asked me “what should public
libraries do,” about the Charlie Hebdo attack. It was frankly a bit of a
humbling and scary question. After all, I am not in Paris, and I cannot
claim to know everything that French libraries do now. However, it
would be an obvious act of cowardice to simply claim ignorance or to
respond with some high level non-answer like “help the communities have a
conversation.” So I provided some ideas:

“provide a safe place to talk about the attack and the reasons for the attack and free expression. Provide access to Charlie.”

“host talks and forums on free expression and democracy. Host a human library event with different faiths.”

“host sessions with therapists and parents on how to make kids feel safe.”

“above all use this as an opportunity to be a safe place to express feelings and help your community.”

“help your community compose a narrative and then project it to the
world. Is it ‘we shall overcome?’ Or ‘we stand with Charlie?’”
and ended with:

“all libraries should provide safe place to recover and the tools to turn tragedy into action and understanding.” Read article....

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