Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Wonderful World of Non-Traditional Library Collections: Spotlight on Seeds! | January 25, 20017

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By Chezlani

You probably know by now that libraries worldwide are lending out so much more than books and media. To highlight just a few:
  • The Sacramento Public “Library of Things” loans out sewing machines, musical instruments, and video games, items which were chosen by patron vote.
  • Ann Arbor District Library offers everything from art prints (redecorate every couple months!) to telescopes (you know you want to look at the moon!) to die-cutting kits (indulge your scrapbook fantasy…)
  • Specialty cake pans have also become a popular collection for many public libraries. Because let’s be honest, how many times will you make a Dora the Explorer cake in your life? Personally, I’m drawing a line at ONCE.
  • And of course, who could forget the venerated Berkeley Tool Library, part of the city’s public library system since 1979? Their experience proves that yes, patrons WILL return the tools, and WILL take good care of them.
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