Thursday, May 18, 2017

Library hosting workshops on ‘adulting’ | Heather Laura Clarke | 05-14-20107

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Halifax Public Libraries found they were serving lots of people from most age ranges and life experiences, but weren’t seeing many “new adults” come through the library doors. Their adulting series has changed that. (123RF)   
Libraries across the HRM offer programming for babies, kids, teens, adults and seniors, but Jocelyn Covert saw that there was a noticeable absence of one particular demographic.

“We have lots of families with young children, and lots of seniors, but there’s this entire age range — university through the early 20s — we don’t get to see very much,” says Covert, youth service librarian with the Bedford Library.

In library lingo, this demographic is referred to as “new adults.” No one could figure out how to get these young people through the doors until Covert came up with the idea for a How to Adult series.

“Talking about ‘adulting’ or saying you ‘just can’t adult today’ has become a trending theme, and we’re always searching for opportunities to bring in new users, so I just thought I could put the two together,” says Covert. Read more...

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