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5 Ways to Deal With an Incompetent Boss | CAREEREALISM

5 Ways to Deal With an Incompetent Boss | CAREEREALISM

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To make sure we’re on the same page about dealing with an incompetent boss and not just a way to be nasty about your bad boss, let’s get on the same page. An incompetent person is someone who is functionally inadequate or insufficient in knowledge, skills, judgment, or strength.

If this is what you’re talking about then you’re right, they are incompetent. It happens. In other words, the boss doesn’t know squat about being a manager and probably knows little to nothing about the area of work you do.

While it can be frustrating to have an incompetent boss, an incompetent boss can seriously damage or derail your career. If they do have a serious lack of knowledge, we know that they can do nothing to grow you as an employee which means any growth will be yours to make happen. Let’s look at the potential damage they can inflict and what you can do to minimize or avoid.

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