Thursday, April 18, 2013

Once More Unto the Breach! | Save NYC Libraries

Libraries are up against the wall again facing the largest budget cuts in the history of New York City. 106 million dollars in cuts. That’s a 35% cut over last year’s funding levels.These cuts, should they go through, will fundamentally change the face of libraries in the five boroughs. More than sixty libraries will closed and shuttered. There will be massive layoffs resulting in disastrous cuts to hours and services. zoekreadingWhat would a city without libraries look like? There would be one less place for seniors, teens, or kids to safely hang out in the urban landscape. In the case of seniors that means more shut ins, kids would be that much less safe after school and teens would have that much more incentive to seek out trouble with nothing to do. Some of the main providers of ESOL would be put out of commission so fewer people would be able to learn English and improve their lot and that of their families and communities. There would be fewer tools for entrepreneurs so fewer startup business would germinate in the city. The main source of free computer training would be wiped out at a stroke as would free job seeking and job readiness training. Read more.....
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