Wednesday, August 14, 2013

4 Ways Blogging Helps Build a Better Career

4 Ways Blogging Helps Build a Better Career

business_blogging1Since competition for entry-level and even mid-level jobs is very high, it’s important for young professionals to stand out to prospective employers in any way they can. One way to do this: start a blog.
As a blogger, you are in control of the content – and ultimately your online reputation and presence.
Here are four more ways blogging can help your career, right now:

Beef Up Your Writing Portfolio

If you are in the field of communications, having excellent writing skills will set you apart from the competition. How exactly do you become a great writer? Practice. Much like any athlete or musician, the only way to excel in your craft is to continue to practice. Having a blog which you post to daily, weekly, or even monthly gives you a variety of writing samples to add to your portfolio. My writing portfolio is filled with articles that I wrote for my personal blog. All writing samples should be recognized, whether it was for a national newspaper or a simple WordPress site. Read more...

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