Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Top 10 Reasons Why Libraries are still Important – Stephen's Lighthouse New

of people predict that the digital age will wipe public bookshelves
clean and permanently end the centuries-old era of libraries. Despite
their perceived obsolescence in the digital age both libraries and
librarians are irreplaceable for many reasons. Well! Some of the reasons
are listed below:

1. Not Everything is Available on the Internet

Amazing amount of useful information on the web has engendered the false assumption that everything can be found online. But it’s simply not true.

2. Digital Libraries are not the Internet

Online library
collections are different and typically include materials that have been
published via rigorous editorial processes and are riddled with
quantitative analysis instead of opinion. Types of materials include 
documents, newspapers, journals, magazines and reports which are
digitized then stored and indexed through a limited-access database.

3. The Internet isn’t Free

Numerous academic
research papers and journals are virtually inaccessible to someone
seeking to pull them off the web for free. Access is restricted to
expensive subscription accounts which are typically paid for by college 
libraries and
visiting a college library in person or logging in to the library
through your school account is therefore the only way to affordably
access necessary archived resources.

4. The Internet Compliments Libraries, but Doesn’t Replace Them

Internet is
clearly a great resource to finding information but it’s not a
replacement for a library. Well! There are clear advantages of libraries
over the internet for 
research however
the benefits of the internet includes “sampling public opinion”,
gathering “quick facts” and pooling a wide range of ideas. The point is
this: libraries are completely different than the web.

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