Monday, September 11, 2017

11 Novels About 9/11 Worth Reading

September 11th | Book lists | Reader's Advisory


Everyone has a story about where they were when the world changed on September 11, 2001. It’s simultaneously the most upsetting, most uncomfortable, and most fascinating conversation to have—to hear what people remember, what they felt, and how they responded. Though it’s been nearly two decades, the reminders of that day are constant, and the pain is still fresh for many. The role of fiction, now and always, is to explore experiences, emotions, and the extent to which we can share our humanity. These profound, powerful, and perspective-shifting novels set on 9/11 and beyond do all of those things, and are valuable additions to any bookshelf.

Mohsin Hamid’s novel should be required reading for anyone looking to
understand the event from all sides. Changez is a Pakistani immigrant
living the American dream, with an elite career and a beautiful
girlfriend, when 9/11 changes everything. Suddenly, people look at him
differently, and his proclamations of love for his adopted country seem
worthless to those around him—and as the cultural relations continue to
shift, so does Changez’s outlook. This book is a powerful reminder of
what happens to those caught in the middle of extreme situations, the
influence of prejudice in the wake of disaster, and how every action has
an equal, opposite reaction.


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