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How to Write a Hot Cover Letter | CAREEREALISM

How to Write a Hot Cover Letter | CAREEREALISM
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 “Focus,” said the master, “and the world will be yours…”

In today’s fast paced working environments focus has become a four-letter word. In a world where “multitask,” “app,” and 140 character tweets are creating a sensation nation that lives on caffeine, energy drinks, and coconut water, most HR professionals and employers destroyed their ability to focus years ago.

“I can always be interrupted,” and “I regularly juggle 15 projects with no problem,” are the new words of wisdom. There isn’t any time to think and meditate deeply, and there probably isn’t time to read your cover letter. All marketing begins with Audience and unless you are applying to be a Yoga instructor, the likelihood is that your audience isn’t patient. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE.
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