Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Social Media Endangers Our Future

Why Social Media Endangers Our Future

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29th July 2012 by

Everybody wants to be famous,
Nobody wants to be nameless, aimless
-Dizzee Rascal, You’ve Got The Dirtee Love
The Internet is a democratizing medium that gives ordinary people the power to be content creators and information disseminators. This point has been discussed to death on the vessels of that change – blogs and social media (journalists love nothing more than talking about journalism). On the flip-side of this, the Internet takes away power from people who do not create and do not create a virtual presence for themselves. If you can’t find someone or something on Google, it might as well not exist.  Therefore, entrepreneurs have found ways to give the power of content creation to as many people as possible, and have been rewarded handsomely. [Read more..]

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