Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alicia Kozakiewicz Testimony on Sex Predators online


About The Alicia Project

The Alicia Project
The story of the Alicia Project is ultimately one of hope and courage, but was born out of tragedy. Read about Alicia’s ordeal and her courage on this site. The Alicia Project is here to help & support those that have been affected directly and indirectly by Internet Predators, including:
  • The Survivors of internet predators.
  • The Parents and Family of Survivors
  • The Friends of Survivors
We also seek to educate children, parents and teachers of the dangers that exist online.
For the victims and those who support them: Each person is affected differently, and each person will react differently.  It is important to know that, while you may be in pain and suffering, you are not alone.
There will be a tomorrow.  And, things will improve.  Use this website to help you find help for yourself, reach out, and when a hand is offered from one of these resources, take it.

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